Item Removal

Houdini Unwanted Objects!

Our Item Removal service enables you to simply select the items you want to be removed from your picture and then, you guessed it, remove them!

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Remove Items

Choose any object in your property photos and then remove them, whether one by one or all at once. From big items to small ones, and from immovables to portables, we can remove all!

Item Removal, BECAUSE...

declutter your space with item removal

Declutter Your Space

Remove unwanted clutter and focus all the attention
on the beauty of your property!

increase buyer intrest with item removal

Increase Buyer Intrest

Removing unwanted objects boosts the quality
of your listings which appeals to potential buyers.

prepare for virtual staging with item removal

Prepare for Virtual Staging

Empty your property photos to prepare them
for virtual staging!

move immovables with item removal

Move Immovables

Easily remove big and heavy items that
would require a lot of manpower in real life!


Make unwanted objects disappear & ditch the headaches of the traditional way of staging.

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Starting From $2.99

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